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It takes courage to ask for help, but you have already taken the first step and come to the right place. I will work collaboratively with you on the journey to overcoming barriers to success. It is my philosophy that each individual has unmet potentials and can learn from past experiences. As a non-judgmental and supportive therapist, I will provide you a safe place to explore your feelings and to learn new coping mechanisms.

My goal is to empower and help you realize that you can achieve personal growth once you have overcome life challenges. I will be your cheerleader on this journey.

I am an approved referral source and provider for UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services.  As a UCLA Alumni, I am honored to have the opportunity providing mental health services to students who meet challenges and pressure in college.


The first step is to call me and make an appointment. Once we have set up a schedule for an initial assessment, we will discuss your goals and expectations of therapy. I work with a variety of social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues which include:

Autism Related Issues
Life Transitions
Peer Relationships
Family Conflict
Coping Skills
Impulse Control Issues

Learning first occurs as a part of emotional interactions; it involves the split-second initiatives that children take as they try to engage other people, interact with them, communicate, and reason with them.

– Dr. Stanley Greenspan


Dr. Grace Liu PLAY Therapy
PsyD, LMFT CA License MFT77513

Offering home-based therapy, in-office counseling, and parent coaching for families and children with special needs. Online and in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.

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